In this game, you're fighting fire...with fire!
Or, y'know, by putting it out. If that's your thing.

Press A (X on keyboard) to light a fire in your current square.
Fires will burn up the fuel in the square which will mean large fires later won't be able to burn through it, but be careful your controlled burns don't get out of control!

You can also press B (Z on keyboard) to fight the fire in your square, making it smaller or even putting it out completely. Fighting your fires is the key to controlled backburning.

The level is over when all fire is out.
You will get points for remaining structures and trees:

10 points per building
1 point per tree

Good luck!
Press Enter to start

Created by Mike Lang and Don Logan for the

Install instructions

download the and play in any gameboy emulator

tested on real hardware!

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